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Our Philosophy and Approach



Growth,  Clarity, & a  New Beginning

At ‘Anew Life' we understand that life is challenging and full of unexpected events for any and everyone. These events can leave deep emotional scars, painful memories, and setbacks if not appropriately addressed. The emotions can cause a person to act, live, and think in ways they usually wouldn’t. Anew Life wants to help that individual, couple, or family set a fresh course for their life. To achieve this goal, we continuously make it our priority to provide a therapeutic environment that is centered around growth, clarity, and a new beginning. After all, we all have needed a fresh start in our lives at one time or another!


Our counseling group provides therapeutic services that will encourage you to grow, gain clarity, and set a fresh course for your life. We have trained staff to provide effective therapeutic services to those who are experiencing challenges such as mental health disorders, traumatic experiences, poor anger management, anxiety, or a crisis- to name a few.

We are looking forward to helping you grow, gain clarity, and create a new beginning! Give us a call for more information.



Anew Life Counseling and Consulting Group mission is to provide personalized therapeutic services that promote growth, clarity, and a new beginning. We believe that everyone should have a chance to write a fresh story!



It is the vision of Anew Life to provide a therapeutic service that encourages our clients to grow, gain clarity, and set a fresh course for their life. Our trained staff will effectively render therapeutic services to families, individuals, couples, and groups who are experiencing challenges such as mental health disorders, traumatic experiences, poor anger management, anxiety, or a crisis- to name a few. We believe it is a privilege to be able to serve those who are in need!




Drake Gunning is the founder and CEO of Anew Life Counseling and Consulting which was established in 2019. He has been working in mental health field since 2006. He started his career as a Mental Health Assistant, working overnight, while attending Florida A&M University during the day to obtain his B.S degree in Psychology. In this position he had opportunity to work firsthand with clients who were in crisis by ensuring their needs were met during such a challenging time and keeping them safe. He has worked various inpatient units such as detox, crisis stabilization units, and forensics. Even though every unit brought about a different experience, Drake still saw one thing everyone had in common- they deserved to have an opportunity to rewrite their life’s story.

After graduating with his degree in psychology, Drake was then promoted to an outpatient Case Manager position which allowed him to be of service to clients who are living in the community. Drake genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to assist clients by helping them meet their basic needs. Drake also had the opportunity to see how an environment can have an impact on someone’s mental health and emotional status.

Three years later, Drake was promoted to be a supervisor of a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR). While a supervisor, he

worked on obtaining his master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University. He then became a mental health therapist before being promoted to Assistant Program Director of a mental health agency. While in the administrative role of Assistant Program Director, Drake continued to provide therapy services to clients.

 His thirteen years of experience has allowed him to work with various age groups, ethnicities, and populations. Drake has dedicated his life’s work to the mental health field and has used his compassion for people as fuel to develop various ways to provide comprehensive evidenced base therapeutic services. His ‘Anew’ model is aimed to help individuals who genuinely want help to cope with the past and present while working forward to a brighter and healthier future.

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